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Connected Solutions

Integrate with Alexa or Google Home voice control devices

Protected Solutions

Superior cyber security that keeps you online, even when the power goes out...unlike vulnerable WiFi connected systems.

Discover The Benefits of Smart Home Technology

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By taking control and setting schedules for your thermostat, lights and appliances, you’ll save both energy and money.

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You can easily monitor and adjust your home’s devices through your smartphone, computer or tablet.

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Protect your home from damage and intruders by receiving automatic alerts from sensors throughout your home.

Automating your home will let you stop worrying and allow you to start focusing on the important things. With the ability to have complete control over everything from your home’s lights and thermostat to your door locks and security cameras, you’ll have the peace of mind you need from wherever you are! Sobieski’s certified team of experts will help you to select which features you’d like to control and will then install the smart home system. So all you’ll have to do is download an app, sit back and take control of your home. Whether you’ll just be sitting on the couch or on vacation a thousand miles away, you’ll know what’s going on in your home and be able to instantly adjust it. Whatever your needs are, the specialists at Sobieski can help you with smart home automation control, including:

The Sobieski Difference

How are the solutions you offer better than a device that doesn't include a monthly fee?

Professional Grade Installation add_circle_outline

Putting Smart Home products in your home doesn’t make your home smart; it’s the professional service behind the solutions that brings true value to your Smart Home. Smart Home devices without a monthly fee don’t provide services beyond the product. If your heating system breaks in the middle of the night, you can’t call their smart thermostat’s company to fix it – you need to call a professional. By paying for our interactive home services, you are already connected to our professional service provider who is an expert in the best solutions for your home. This service allows you as the homeowner to have all your critical systems and preferred smart devices on one platform – giving you access to advanced interactive features and benefits. Integrated Platform: Unlike countless Do-It-Yourself devices out there with a mobile app that only supports their products, our integrated platform supports numerous devices in one app. Having everything on one platform makes it simple for you as the homeowner to manage your smart home and it allows the products to trigger automated rules – giving homeowners more from their Smart Home. For example, you can video chat with the person in front of your doorbell camera and simultaneously unlock the door. You can get a notification that your kids unlocked the front door and see a video clip to confirm it’s them. Your water supply at home can be shut off instantly when a leak is detected and your thermostat can be controlled by remote temperature sensors in different rooms. The simplicity and benefits of having an integrated platform gives you everything you want from the best Smart Home solutions on the market all in one app.

Ongoing Support & Services add_circle_outline

The cost of a standalone device doesn’t include the time or cost of installation, or the headache of troubleshooting the device. Do-it-yourself projects sound fun until you get into the install and realize you’re spending hours on the phone with tech support. That is, if the device manufacturer even offers product tech support. Many companies point you to a website to look for your own answers. Professional installation and support provides a stress-free customer experience. Continuous Innovation: With Sobieski powered by Building 36, consumers get a Smart Home platform they can easily expand with new devices, and our cloud-based software and cellular connection allow us to seamlessly update customer’s systems, giving them the latest version without having to lift a finger or invest in newer products. Building 36 has a history of delivering industry-first technology, and we’re continually adding new features, giving our users access to the latest technology and devices in one cohesive platform. Stand-alone devices pack technology into the hardware, so upgrading means a completely new device. A lot of customers already upgrade their cell phone every two years, but do they really want to do that with a thermostat or door lock? Proven Reliability: While many devices are from start-up companies with uncertain business models, our technology provider has been in business for more than 10 years. They’ve pioneered Smart Home technology and today keep more than 2 million homes connected. Plus, we’re built to reliability standards for delivering life safety services. Free isn’t Free: Building 36 is a technology company that sells interactive services, not advertisements and we don’t sell our customers data.

Superior Cyber Security add_circle_outline

Discover the perfect balance of peace of mind and protection from anywhere, anytime.

  • Superior cyber security, unlike vulnerable Wi-Fi connected devices we offer one of the most hacker free solutions on the market.

  • Superior data security, never worry about your personal data like, daily lifestyle routines, daily work schedules and vacation schedules  being stolen or sold.

  • Superior cellular technology so that you stay protected even when your internet or power is down.

Compatibility with Smart Home Voice Devices add_circle_outline

Create the perfect balance of control and information, from anywhere, anytime.

  • Control your temperature, lights and locks without even getting off the couch, with Amazons Alexa or Google Homes voice control.

  • With information at your fingertips know that your home, your family and your pets, are all safe and secure.

  • Adjust temperatures, edit schedules and check-in on your homes comfort levels from anywhere at anytime using the Sobieski Home App.

Why Sobieski?

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"A few years ago, users of internet services began to realize that when an online service is free, you're not the customer. You're the product"

-Tim Cook, CEO, Apple

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