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Clogs occur in our home plumbing systems as a result of various factors, from old age and improper maintenance to non-organic matter getting stuck in your pipes.
HVAC for Greenhouses and Indoor Gardens - Sobieski Services

Perhaps the most important feature of a controlled horticulture environment is the HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) system. Using a network of fans, air conditioners, heaters, humidifiers, air purifiers, CO2 replenishment, and/or other equipment, the HVAC system provides the... Read More

How to Keep Your Shop Space Cool and Comfortable - Sobieski Services
Hobbies aren't much fun when you're dripping sweat. Learn how to keep your shop space cool and comfortable this summer with these tips from the pros.
How to Stop a Toilet That Keeps Running - Sobieski Services
A constantly running or leaking toilet can easily waste over 200 gallons of water every single ay. Fixing these easy-to-correct plumbing leaks in your home can cut about 10% off your water bill.
How UV Germicidal Irradiation Improves Indoor Air Quality - Sobieski Services
There are many indoor air quality products on the market, but perhaps the most effective of all are UV germicidal air cleaners. UVGI systems are installed directly into your HVAC system to kill microorganisms on contact.
How to Select the Right Sump Pump for Your Basement - Sobieski Services
The sump pump that works best for you depends on how much flooding you regularly experience. The plumbing experts at Sobieski Services can help you select the right sump pump.
How to Survive a Heat Wave Summer Air Conditioning Tips - Sobieski Services
The last five years were the hottest ever recorded and 2019 is on pace to continue the trend. Save money and energy with these summer air conditioning tips for surviving a heat wave.
Signs of an Aging Plumbing System - Sobieski Services
Aging plumbing systems should be replaced before they cause massive amounts of damage. Learn how to detect the signs of a failing plumbing system.
Cut Cooling Costs without Sacrificing Comfort - Sobieski
As summer temperatures continue to break records, so do our energy bills. Luckily, you can significantly cut cooling costs by simply changing some habits and becoming more efficient.
How to Protect Your House from Flooding - Sobieski Services
Experts are predicting more widespread flooding this summer. Learn how to protect your home from flooding before, during, and after heavy rains.
DIY Sump Pump Maintenance - Sobieski

The East Coast gets its fair share of rain and thunderstorms, which is why many homeowners have sump pumps installed. A sump pump prevents basement flooding by discharging water from under and around the home to a sewer drain outside.

When excess water gathers under the house or below... Read More

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The experts at Sobieski help homeowners in the Delaware Valley, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey keep their plumbing running smoothly. This summer, we’re here to help you avoid sewer line backups, clogged toilets, a clogged garbage disposal, and other common summer plumbing issues.
hvac, cooling, air conditioning, smart thermostat, sobieski, DE, NJ, PA
By installing a smart thermostat, you can program your home’s HVAC system to run less often while you’re away on vacation, helping you conserve energy and save money on your cooling bills.
plumbing, water heating, sobieski
A water heater is one of those things that homeowners tend to take for granted — that is, until something suddenly goes awry.
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Most homeowners in the area assume that if their cooling system is working now, it’s going to last through the rest of the spring and summer. However, if your AC system hasn’t been serviced recently, you could find yourself left in the heat in the middle of summer.
indoor air quality, IAQ, Sobieski, DE, PA, MD
If you suffer from seasonal allergies, symptoms like sneezing, coughing, and watery eyes may seem inevitable at this time of the year. But did you know you can help keep allergy symptoms at bay by improving the air quality inside your home?
air conditioning, ac, maintenance, hvac, cooling, sobieski
As much as you’d probably like the weather to warm up here in the Mid-Atlantic region now that it’s March, it will likely be several weeks before we can turn off our heating systems completely. That makes this a unique time of year when we’re between using the heat and turning on the air... Read More
indoor air quality, IAQ, Sobieski, DE, PA, MD
Did you know that indoor air can be two to five times more concentrated with pollutants than outdoor air? Add to that the fact that the average American spends about 90% of their day indoors, and indoor air quality (IAQ) becomes a very important thing to think about. Many homes here in the Mid-... Read More
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Unlike your furnace, boiler, or air conditioner, your water heater is less likely to provide you with warning signs to indicate that it’s about to break down permanently. This makes it that much more important to prioritize replacement early.
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Whether you’re a new homeowner or already living in your forever home, you’ll likely have to deal with a serious plumbing emergency at least once. It’s important to make sure you’re prepared and know exactly what to do to prevent catastrophic damage to your home and property.